Why Urban Vending?

We have a uniquely structured placement program where the site operator carries no risk with all the benefits.

A new spin

Urban Vending was created with the idea to bring the South African market a new spin on vending. Not only do we do traditional snack and drink vending, we also supply custom vending options ranging from safety gear to networking equipment in a data centre.

Vape Liquid vending

Urban Vending is also the first vending company to bring you Vape Liquid vending. We have partnered with a leading Juice manufacturer in South Africa, to bring you a custom range of flavours and packing options.

All about convenience

The main drive behind vending is the convenience of not having to travel far, or go to a shopping centre to find what you need. Urban Vending brings the products your customers want, to a location suited to them.

Our Partners

Our vending machines

Urban Vending offers a communication system that’s built for the vending industry, which allows the management of a variety of vending machines via a central computer, using either a modem or GSM (SIM).

  • Stock management 
    *Real time information on stocks
    *Real time information on cash flow
    *Optimization of the frequency of visits to the machines and routes.
  • Increased profitability as a result of
    *Visits to machines are done only when absolutely necessary
    *Optimization of the ratio: Machine – per number of columns
    *Real time accounting information
  • Technical assistance
    *Empty extractors
    *Jammed extractors
    *Coin Mech errors
    *General machine errors

Let’s Talk

Finding the right fit for your environment is essential in keeping your customers and staff happy. We can tailor the perfect vending solution for you, give us a shout!

  • peter@urbanvending.co.za
  • +27 (0) 72 562 5880


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